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Mercedes-Benz Driver Assistance Package

Mercedes-Benz Driver Assistance Package - The Mercedes Driver Assistance Package is a security package that is optional or standard on many of Mercedes cars. Depending upon the version the system normally consists of DISTRONIC PLUS, Unseen Area Assist or Active Unseen Area Help, Lane Maintaining Help or Active Lane Keeping Assist, PRE-SAFE, and ACCIDENT AVOIDANCE ASSIST PLUS.

Semi-automated driving on freeways, freeways and also even in city traffic, autonomous braking where required in unsafe situations and also energetic assistance with evasive manoeuvres-- these are just several of the features of the brand-new as well as prolonged Intelligent Drive Driving Assistance package from Mercedes-Benz. The objective is to accomplish more convenience and also less stress by decreasing the pressure on the driver, integrated with better security for all road individuals

Mercedes-Benz Driver Assistance Package

The Intelligent Drive next Level assistance system not only supplies an Energetic Distance Help, which instantly preserves the proper distance to lorries in front, it can additionally comply with website traffic ahead in its lane at speeds of up to 200 km/h. The system utilizes a further-developed multi-purpose stereo camera and new radar sensors around the automobile to find and also orientate itself on roadway markings, the lorry ahead as well as its surroundings. At accelerate to 130 km/h, the Energetic Guiding Assist is not necessarily based on clearly visible lane markings as it could also step in actively if the lines when driving are unclear, as is typically the instance at roadway works, or also if there are no lines when driving at all.

Comfort is boosted by the Speed Restriction Pilot sub-function that can be triggered in combination with COMAND Online. It can autonomously readjust the car's speed in response to camera-detected rate limitations or speed limits visited the navigation system.

Self-governing stopping in hazardous situations

Extraordinary assistance is provided by the new Active Brake Help with prolonged performance. Its work is to advise the driver of impending collision scenarios, to ideally help them during emergency situation stopping and, if required, additionally to start automatic self-governing stopping. Active Brake Assist likewise makes use of the radar sensing units mounted in the lorry as well as the stereo multi-purpose camera. These allow it to spot whether the automobile in front is decreasing, stopping or is stationary. If the system detects a threat of collision as well as the driver cannot respond to a collision warning or is late reacting, the system automatically launches autonomous braking. The Cross-Traffic Function of Active Brake Assist additionally detects going across traffic and pedestrians in the threat location before the vehicle. Likewise in these cases, Active Brake Help first warns the driver if there is a threat of crash, providing assistance if the driver falls short to brake hard enough.

Controlled evasion for more safety

The intelligent functions of the Driving Assistance package from Mercedes-Benz additionally consist of Evasive Guiding Assist. This can aid the driver to avoid a pedestrian found by the assistance system. If the driver initiates an incredibly elusive manoeuvre by turning the guiding wheel, the system gives assistance by including precisely calculated guiding torque to support the movement of the guiding wheel. This assists the driver to avoid the pedestrian in a controlled fashion while ultimately helping with the straightening-up of the automobile in order to pass securely.

Tested assistance systems are more established

Assistance package from Mercedes-Benz likewise consist of proven systems that have been more developed in terms of their setting of operation and also the sensing units they use. Energetic Lane Maintaining Assist can assist stop the driver from accidentally transforming lane.

Energetic Unseen area Help could warn of the danger of a lateral collision and also similarly correctively step in at the last moment to avoid a collision. PRE-SAFE ANDS ALSO can protect versus collisions with traffic following behind.

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