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2003 Mercedes-Benz S600 Review

The 2003 Mercedes S600's interior may not be as chichi as the 760's, but the remainder of the cars and truck has ch'i up the proverbial jing-Jang. Drop the hammer at any speed below 40 mph, and also the brakes most likely to function managing wheelspin as your neck muscles strain to keep your head level. The velocity appears just timid of g-sled, cheek-flapping solid and suffices to whoosh the S600 to 60 mph in 4.3 secs, to 100 in 9.7, and also with the quarter in 12.5 at 115 miles per hour. That's neck as well as neck with a somewhat racier 12-banger-- the Ferrari 575M Maranello-- as well as the Benz wins the drag race by a 10th! And also that peak performance is gotten by simply floor covering the accelerator. No brake-torque or wheel spinning histrionics called for.

2003 Mercedes-Benz S600

That's the elegance of the S600: In spite of its bodacious brawn, it's a mild titan. Involve the transmission's "comfort" mode, as well as a second-gear start, releases the vehicle smoothly enough to prevent spilling a brimming latticinio. Just in particular full-throttle upshifts and downshifts does the heavily enhanced transmission supply an uncharacteristically strong kick.

And when it comes time to undo the inertial damages done by the 12 pistons under the hood, 12 even more pistons (four each edge ahead, two each in back) most likely to work securing AMG-size front as well as rear rotors. Repeated quits from 70 mph took 164 feet (2 much less compared to the Maranello). And also yet, gently used, they can likewise arrest 70 mph without sloshing a back-seat martini.

This vehicle's finesse is exceptionally special. The turbos spool up immediately and imperceptibly, giving rheostatic power delivery. The brakes really feel totally direct and also instinctive whatsoever speeds (a trait the initial couple of Sensotronic brake-by-wire Benzes we have actually reviewed made us nostalgic for). The guiding is in a similar way instinctive. It really feels much less aloof than the majority of other Mercedes in its transmission of intimate road details, and also it's equally as upcoming about this information as the 760Li.

2003 Mercedes-Benz S600 Interior

2003 Mercedes-Benz S600 Interior

The active-body-control suspension's hydraulic over coil springtimes keep the cars and truck equally as level as the BMW's energetic anti-roll bars carry out in sporting activity setting, but softer rebound damping permits a little bit of float over some roads-- this is particularly true when running in the suspension's convenience setting. This trip prejudice, however, does not convert right into cloudlike cushiness, many thanks mostly to the rock-hard Y-rated Michelin Pilot Sports tires.

Those tires aided produce a remarkable 0.86 g of lateral grasp at the track, yet all things considered, we 'd possibly be inclined to trade some of their ultimate performance away for even more all-seasons-oriented tires. This would certainly improve the ride top quality as well as peaceful an irritating roadway roar that virtually screamed down the stereo on certain concrete superslabs.

Still, one visualizes that at the very least a couple of clients trolling in this market sector may consider themselves prospective targets of kidnappers, terrorists, or assassins, and for them, the Benz is the clear selection (probably wearing also harder run-flat tires). The 760Li might have the ability to scoot with the curves a little bit quicker, however, the S600 is the gear for quickly accelerating beyond the precision series of an opponent's weapons. The traditional console-mounted side-to-side quasi-manumatic shifter would certainly be a lot easier to use under the stress of hot search, too.

2003 Mercedes-Benz S600

Alleviate of a procedure is the S600's second most charming high quality. The comand system that manages the automobile's navigation, enjoyment, and also communications systems has been streamlined somewhat for 2003 to ensure that understanding its usage not places up there with one of the 12 labors of Hercules. 9 buttons below the display currently give direct accessibility to regularly utilized functions such as the map, stereo mute, and also screen dimming. When the nav system is not in use, a solitary CD could be played in the dashboard port, saving a trip to the increasingly archaic trunk-mounted changer. Straightforward pictogram switches on the doors control the seats. Conventional buttons tune the radio. It's all so acquainted and useful.

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True, our S600 was a "pole dancer," outfitted just with an optional heated guiding wheel ($410), and also it set you back $2175 more than the heavily optioned BMW. However, if you're a gamer in this league, you'll pay this and a lot more, cheerfully.

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