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Mercedes-Benz Service B Cost

Mercedes-Benz Service B Cost, additionally known as Flex B, or Schedule B is a service interval in the Mercedes Flexible Service System. You'll have to do Service B when you service indicator system alerts you that it is necessary, commonly at 20,000 miles as well as every 20,000-mile interval afterward. Service B rotates with Service A, along with a couple of various other service interval options.

Mercedes-Benz Service B Cost

The Service B upkeep appointment will certainly include the following tasks:

  • Modification engine oil and also filter.
  • Replace windscreen wiper inserts.
  • Inspect all tires for pressure for as well as use (including extra).
  • Revolve tires.
  • Oil and also evaluate throttle affiliation.
  • Examine parking brake for functionality as well as check brake pad density and disc problems.
  • Check steering bet proper performance.
  • Take a look at headlamps as well as outside lamps, cautioning and indicator lights, and horn for correct capability.
  • Inspect windshield/headlamp wiper as well as washing machine systems for functionality as well as liquid degrees.
  • Check safety belt and also back-rest lock (S-Class only) for correct capability.
  • Inspect front axle ball joints, rubber boots, and Poly-V-belt.
  • Examine significant elements for leakage.
  • Look for chafe marks, line directing, elements.
  • Check as well as remedy all liquid degrees, as well as.
  • Reset your automobile's FSS counter.
Flex timetables vary relying on the course as well as version year of your Mercedes. Service An and also Service B will be the Flex task notes that you will certainly utilize frequently. To learn more regarding the Mercedes Flex Service System as well as various other Mercedes repair work and also maintenance topics, please see our checklist of Mercedes Service, Maintenance, as well as Fixing.

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In all SLK, CLK, C-Class, and also E-Class versions, in addition to in S-Class and SL-Class models without the active charcoal filter, you'll additionally have to change the dirt filter.

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