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2019 Mercedes-Benz E400 Coupe Features Design, Specification, Price

The brand new 2019 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe has actually expanded not just a lot more sophisticated and also flashy than in the past, it's likewise expanded 4.4 inches in wheelbase. As well as while it's larger, it's no less gracious, with sophistication in every information and every move. From its traditional grille-mounted Celebrity to its signature wraparound LED taillamps, the timelessly modern allure of a Mercedes-Benz coupe has actually grown even stronger.

2019 Mercedes-Benz E400 Coupe Features Design, Specification, Price

The timeless Mercedes-Benz coupe signature is a sweeping profile without any noticeable structure interrupting the 4 power side home windows. Called pillarless design, it's a not just a class-exclusive, however, a body style only Mercedes-Benz has produced constantly for over 50 years. It takes an extensive level of engineering to deliver the ventilated sophistication and stylish power of a pillarless coupe with the safety and strength anticipated of a Mercedes-Benz, but it mirrors the enthusiasm behind the Star.

Emitting from the iconic central grille Celebrity is a series of intricate hexagonal "pins," each one separately formed by the auto's designer to maximize both visual appeals and airflow. Each pin is tipped in chrome for an appearance that's favorably captivating. The single central bar is ended up in chrome and also set right into a matte silver surround.

2019 Mercedes-Benz E400 Coupe Interior

2019 Mercedes-Benz E400 Coupe Features Design, Specification, Price

From its headlamps to its distinct taillamps, a network of long-lasting, as well as energy-efficient LEDs, achieves every outside illumination feature with the distinct style. The large, wraparound taillamps showcase brand-new "Stardust" reflector technology that allows their LEDs light up the lenses with a brilliant impact. LEDs likewise use quicker lighting, providing other vehicle drivers even more time to respond to your brake lamps as well as other signals.

Providing both front- and rear-seat guests sweeping skyward views, this completely practical glass sunroof features a huge panel that could either turn up for air flow or relapse for an open-air sensation. An interior power sunshade lets you change the quantity of sunshine entering the cabin.

2019 Mercedes-Benz E400 Coupe Specs

2019 Mercedes-Benz E400 Coupe Features Design, Specification, Price

Elegantly outlined 18-inch wheels include 5 sets of tapering spokes with grey-painted inlays, triggered by machine-finished surface areas. They're surprised in width and also outfitted with high-performance Extended Flexibility tires.

A 12.3-inch high-resolution central COMAND, the screen is coupled with sophisticated analog assesses flanking a vivid shade multifunction menu display screen. Both displays present driving systems, automobile settings and ease features with a lifelike picture as well as computer animations. Along with the brand-new steering-wheel Touch Control Buttons and console touchpad, they make even the most innovative features promptly seem like second nature.

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Showcasing hand-stitched in Nappa natural leather with perforated side grips and a matte silver lower-spoke insert, the standard guiding wheel uses a pleasing grasp and abundant look. The elegantly shaped dashboard is richly customized in MB-Tex and impeccably topstitched.

2019 Mercedes-Benz E400 Coupe Features Design, Specification, Price

Vibrant and also muscle yet streaming, the AMG Line improves the E-Class Coupe with strongly contoured AMG reduced bodywork. Enhancing both visual appeals and also aerodynamics, the deep front apron features big air consumptions with horizontal strakes. Flared side sills connect the wheel arches and also aesthetically hug the road, while the rear frame lays out the tailpipes and main diffuser insert with a chrome accent.

2019 Mercedes-Benz E400 Coupe Price: MSRP: $61.500

Considerable in dimension and bold in style, the 18-inch 5-spoke wheels feature five arching spokes in a high-sheen coating. Tapering grooves, painted contrasting dark grey, radiate into each talked. The wheels are equipped with all-season Prolonged Flexibility tires.

2019 Mercedes-Benz E400 Coupe Features Design, Specification, Price

Larger perforated side grasps as well as a racing-inspired flat-bottom design bring out the fanatic in any kind of driver. The contoured form of the grasp areas invites your hands into the ideal position to enjoy the common change paddles. Included with Black or Saddle Brown/Black interiors, the wheel's black natural leather trim coordinates with the dash and interior accents.


In the future, vehicles will certainly be able to connect with each other over the airwaves. In the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, the future starts today. With its industry-leading Car-to-X Communication, every new E-Class could immediately notify the main notice system of particular risks, from spotted wheelspin to the use of danger flashers or perhaps windshield wipers. The system could after that signal various other drivers with Car-to-X using in-dash screens or statements, allowing safety measures to be taken prior to getting to the threat.

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Radar-based innovation can signal you if you're coming close to a car ahead, and even some fixed items, at a speed as well as the distance that recommend a crash is likely. As soon as you begin to brake, it could automatically offer a suitable degree of braking to assist protect against a crash or minimize its intensity. If you cannot react, it could additionally launch braking immediately at a range of driving rates. The system could additionally spot and also react to going across pedestrians at normal city speeds.


Getting 329 hp and also 354 lb-ft of torque, the 3.0 L V6 integrates twin turbos and also various other advancements to reduced discharges as well as gas consumption while increasing performance. In a solitary nanosecond, the rapid-multi spark ignition can fire up to 4 times, while the high-pressure Direct Shot exactly songs the ultrafine fuel spray. A lightweight diecast-alloy block, extensively variable valve timing, lowered rubbing, and also clever "on-demand" supplementary elements better boost effectiveness.

2019 Mercedes-Benz E400 Coupe Features Design, Specification, Price

With a greater series of proportions and also shorter steps in between gears, the new 9-speed automated changes equipment quicker however virtually imperceptibly. Along with a more smooth shipment of power, the lighter, a lot more flexible transmission boosts peaceful riding comfort and also fuel-efficiency. The digital selector and also shift paddles allow you regulate all equipment adjustments with your practical the guiding wheel. And also drivers could vary the change modes using the cutting-edge DYNAMIC SELECT system.

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