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2018 Mercedes-Benz SL 550 Convertible Roadster Review

That the 2018 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class 550 is a popular pick for mid-lifers pondering their futures may be a small coincidence. The large, comfy Benz has a comparable situation in the automaker's lineup. The newest AMG GT does superlative speed more competently, the new S-Class sports cars and convertibles do cruising almost far better compared to the SL-Class. The Mercedes-Benz SL 550 is a durable, yet portable and pleasurable trip that is unparalleled by other exchangeable on the road. With the capacity to quickly switch over between having the top up or down, you'll have the ability to go about your weekday routine without seeming like you've sacrificed the weekend break delights.

2018 Mercedes-Benz SL 550 Convertible Roadster Review

You value the finer points in life, the automobile you own ought to not be the exemption. Design, efficiency, sophistication remains in a class of its very own with this spectacular Mercedes-Benz SL. Significant by excellent quality and features with the apparent polished natural leather interior that added value and class to the Mercedes-Benz SL Where do you should go today? Simply punch it into the Mercedes-Benz SL on-board navigation system and hit the trail.


Flowing LED headlamps to sweep back from a hot grille that features a glimmering chrome "diamond-block" texture. Sporting activity reduced body designing wraps around 19-inch or offered 20-inch wheels in an array of styles. And with its signature retractable hardtop, the SL is perfectly proportioned as both a streamlined closed coupe or timeless open roadster. Change your SL from shut sports car to open roadster in under 20 seconds, also as you increase up to 25 mph. With a single switch on the console, the top folds into the trunk. An electric trunk partition relocates right into area automatically as you operate the top, while the rear window rotates 180 levels in order to help maintain cargo room with the leading stowed.

2018 Mercedes-Benz SL 550 Convertible Roadster Review

The Scenic view roofing brings owners a large sight of the skies with a heat-reflecting clear panel. A hand-operated mesh sunshade assists restrict the amount of sunshine entering the cabin. Aggressive sculpting of its deep front air dam, flared side sills and rear valence visually hug the road, just like the 19-inch or 20-inch wheels of the SL. The deep front air dam features big mesh air intakes and a colour-keyed splitter. Each of the individually sized, formed and spaced pins in the diamond-block grille are tipped in glistening chrome. The back frame incorporates a colour-keyed diffuser insert and double trapezoidal chrome tailpipes
Spearheaded by Mercedes-Benz, vibrant LED headlamps create light that's perceived much like all-natural daytime. Active Curve Illumination and Flexible Highbeam Assist continuously differ the beam of the light pattern of the LEDs in each headlamp in order to help maximize the lighting of edges and straightaways, without creating glare for various other chauffeurs. Brilliant white LED Daytime Running Lamps and all other front light features are integrated within the flowing sculpture of the revamped headlamp assemblies, making them appealing as they are brightening. Upgraded taillamps feature LED taillamps, turn signals and brake lamps.

2018 Mercedes-Benz SL 550 Convertible Roadster Interior

Showered in flexible leather, hand-polished wood and a bounty of easy to use technology, the SL-Class cabin keeps its two owners really feeling coddled, connected and mesmerized. Classic round air vents and advanced controls and screens mirror 2 longstanding SL traditions: timeless design and ahead-of-its-time technology. A precise timepiece with ageless allure, the optional analogue clock is situated atop the carefully sewn dashboard underneath its very own stylish, curved hood. The sport guiding wheel features a flat-bottom layout and hand-stitched Nappa natural leather rim with perforated side holds.

2018 Mercedes-Benz SL 550 Convertible Roadster Review

Raised thumbrests are put at the excellent "10 and 2 o'clock" positions, near the silver-painted change paddles. Practical multifunction controls do likewise while operating the most often used automobile functions and the illustrated shade food selection display in the scale collection. Readily available cleaned aluminium door sill inserts invite you into the world of AMG performance with backlit logos.

2018 Mercedes-Benz SL 550 Convertible Roadster Engine

Getting 449 hp, the 4.7-liter V8 integrates twin turbos and numerous advancements to deliver even more torque from less gas, with cleaner discharges. Rapid-multi spark ignition could fire up to four times each nanosecond, while high-pressure Straight Shot can tweak gas spray in 0.1 nanoseconds, reducing discharges, gas usage and noise. A lightweight diecast-alloy block, extensively variable shutoff timing, lowered friction, and brilliant "on-demand" secondary parts additionally enhance efficiency.

2018 Mercedes-Benz SL 550 Convertible Roadster Review

Aluminum body structure

Engineered from roadway to roofing not equally as a convertible yet as a Mercedes-Benz, the SL body structure enhances both owner defence and handling accuracy. Composed virtually totally from stamped, cast, chilled-cast, thermoformed and extruded aluminium, the body covering is virtually 300 pounds lighter than previously yet 20% even more torsionally stiff. The only structural steel in the body is the windscreen framework, whose "tube-in-tube" columns supply high stamina with very little vision obstruction.
Radar-based innovation could notify you if you're coming close to a car in advance, or perhaps some fixed items, at a rate and range that suggest a collision is most likely. As soon as the motorist starts to brake, Active Brake Help could immediately supply the perfect level of braking, in order to help protect against a collision or reduce its seriousness.

Chassis and Traction Control

The semi-active Flexible Damping System continuously adjusts to owning inputs and the road surface area and could respond at each wheel in just 10 milliseconds to develop taking care of while the ride stays smooth. Comfort and Sporting activity modes let you tailor taking care of feedback and flight firmness to your existing driving style. Essentially all elements of the 4-wheel multilink suspension are made of rigid, lightweight aluminium. This safety and security breakthrough first introduced by Mercedes-Benz consistently checks your driving inputs and the car's motion to assist keep it entering your desired instructions, specifically in edges and during incredibly elusive manoeuvres. If it detects wheelspin, extreme understeer (raking), or oversteer (fishtailing), ESP could brake specific wheels and reduce engine power in order to help bring the car under control.

2018 Mercedes-Benz SL 550 Convertible Roadster Review

There are two rows of sewing with the leather, there suffices metallic trim to shame an Audi, the steering wheel's somewhat level at its base, and the shifter is simply a nubbin on the facility console. The little shifter does have the advantage of opening up the cabin and including other controls and storage space, but we would certainly also like a manual.

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