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2018 Mercedes Winnebago 4X4 Revel RV Price and Review

2018 Mercedes Winnebago 4X4 Revel RV Price and Review - The Revel is a real 4X4 RV made to take you to areas no other Winnebago motorhome has preceded," says Russ Garfin, Director of Product Administration. "The amenities and attributes of the train enable comfy expedition of remote places." Just what we particularly like concerning the Revel-- what we've seen in press photos thus far, that is-- is its "gear garage" where you could store products like bicycles rather than needing to trouble connecting them to the beyond your rig where they can be swiped or touched by other lorries or you need to stress whether you connected sufficient bungees to maintain the important things from falling off.

2018 Mercedes Winnebago 4X4 Revel RV Price and Review

When the bed is increased to the ceiling, 140 cubic feet in storage area is readily available for bicycles, climbing tools, treking gear, a collection of drums or a few guitars or whatever else is needed for the next journey.

The $134,800 MSRP Revel's additionally based on a tested Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4X4 platform, giving a great balance in between easy cruising and power when you need it. It supplies an on-demand 4WD system, full with high/low array and hill descent setting for added off-road ability.

2018 Mercedes Winnebago 4X4 Revel RV Price and Interior

4WD is the seller below as for we're worried. Did we tell you about the time we parked the Via in an arbitrary parking lot during a snow storm and got up the next early morning raked know all four sides? Which we didn't have a shovel? A booted foot was our technique of removing the white stuff away from all 4 tires, after which a "One for the money, two for the program" yelp preceded our pedal-mash, after which we were gladly cost-free to go on our way. 4WD would certainly have helped, though we took care of. We're delighted to see it nevertheless.

Below's one more cool aspect to the Revel-- it's obtained bonded light weight aluminum cabinet face structures and positive-latching closet doors and cabinets, something our Via didn't have, demanding tying each cabinet door closed with a bungee lest a tilt in the roadway spill the components of our closets into the flooring.

2018 Mercedes Winnebago 4X4 Revel RV Price and Review

Various other attributes consist of a common solar power system, all-electric galley and compressor fridge. Enhancements to Winnebago's motorhome schedule include the Horizon, the Intent and, in towables, a brand-new line of Minnie And also Fifth Wheels.

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